Why are your tests so inexpensive?
There are five reasons for this:
  1.  Our packaging is far less expensive to produce than our competitors, so we can charge far less.
  2. We want to be as competitive as possible, all the time. We aren't a large corporation - we are a small, family business who wants your business enough to stay competitive, and that means we intentionally price our product far lower than our competitors. We believe that competition is good for the marketplace because it gives consumers a choice, and forces suppliers to offer the best value if they want your business - and we want your business. 
  3. We don't have a distributor network, so there's no mark-up because we make the tests ourselves and sell directly to the customer. We don't sell our tests to a vendor for a dollar so that you can spend two dollars to buy it from them. You can't buy our tests from anybody but us for a reason.
  4. We minimize costs wherever possible so that we don't have to charge high prices. The more a company spends, the more they have to charge. We don't have company cars or a huge facility. We don't have a fancy website and we don't spend a lot on marketing materials. We don't have a large staff to support, nor do we have a board to whom we have to justify our profit margins. Because we're small, we can control costs, and pass those savings on to our customers.  
  5. We understand that it's good for our clients if we can save them money. As former officers ourselves, we know firsthand how valuable every dollar in your department's budget can be. If we can save your department hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars, can't you think of something important they can spend that money on?

Do these tests have an expiration date? 
Our tests do not have an expiration date. The chemicals in the product are extremely stable and do not degrade over time. All of our tests are all packaged in inert, non-reactive vials, and several of our tests utilize chemicals sealed in an airtight glass ampule, which further protects the chemistry required to create the color reaction.
Why haven't we heard of you? 
Even though we've been in business since 1990, we have never made marketing a priority. Now, after 25 years in business, we're ready to expand and let more law enforcement agencies know that they have a choice when it comes to buying drug testing kits, doing so in a way that lets us keep our prices low. 
Who else uses you? 
​Due to a single instance of litigation filed against one our clients, a case which was ultimately dismissed in the pre-trial stage by the presiding judge, we no longer advertise members of our extensive client base in an effort to protect our clients by discouraging frivolous and/or otherwise unfounded litigation against them. Accordingly, please note that to date, no litigation, either against us or the use of our products by our clients, has resulted in a decision for the plaintiff. 
We reason that if our products didn't work, the cases weren't upheld,  and the agencies didn't save thousands of dollars over the years they wouldn't keep ordering. 

Are we going to lose cases, expose our department to unnecessary liability, compromise our officers or the integrity of their investigations? 
This is at the core of our business, and yours.  Change in law enforcement is a difficult thing to address because of all the legalities involved. 
When properly used, and the arresting officer and or/agency follows the guidelines established in our training, the answer is NO - here's why:
Our company was founded by L.J. Scott, a retired DEA agent and forensic chemist for the DEA  - and the inventor of the cobalt-thiocyanate (Scott) reagent, which is the world-wide industry-standardized test for identifying cocaine. While employed at what would later become our chief competition, Mr. Scott also developed the Special Opiates Reagent, and much of the testing literature, the test sequence chain protocol, the instruction manuals, and the test construction that is still in use by our competitors today. He remains an unrivaled expert in the field of field drug testing. All of our tests were developed under his direct supervision, are manufactured to exacting specifications, and packaged to save your department money. Our reagents are outlined in the National Institute of Justice Color Test Reagents/Kits for Preliminary Identification of Drugs of Abuse: NIJ Standard–0604.01 (Dept of Justice) and are independently verified, cross-referenced and cross-checked against (and with) industry standards to maintain their necessary effectiveness and legal precedent. 
In short, this company was founded by a DEA chemist who knew his stuff. 
In short, we found something that works, with a clear history of established legal precedent, and won't change it. 
Can your tests eliminate the possibility of false positives and/or false negatives entirely?
As former narcotics officers ourselves, we understand how the legal system works. We understand that our tests have to be made to the same exacting standards, the same way, every time. We understand that they have to hold up to legal attacks, which is why we use reagents that have held up in court since 1978. Our job is to provide the best product we can, at the best price we can, while protecting the integrity of your officers, and the integrity of their investigations. We take this very seriously.  
The answer is this: absolutely not. In fact, nobody's test can. Even in 2019, the laws of chemistry still have limitations.

What if I have more questions?
Please ask! We sincerely welcome all input from our clients, and will gladly talk to your command staff, DA or crime lab. We understand the legitimate concerns that must be sufficiently addressed before any changes to any elements in your investigations can be made. We don't use high-pressure sales and are more interested in an open, honest discussion and answering your questions completely than we are in making a quick sale. If you take care of your customers, the sales will take care of themselves. 
Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any questions, comments or concerns.