These products are intended for use by law enforcement personnel.

Equipping law enforcement with reliable drug testing equipment since 1990.

We are now under new management - fully staffed, fully trained and ready to serve you!


• Court-supported and backed by 40+ years of upheld cases

• Simple to use, fast, accurate, easy-to-read results

• Trusted by hundreds of agencies nationwide


• Priced as low as $1.89 per test

• Buy directly from the manufacturer

• We offer bulk discounts for larger orders

• We will gladly provide a free quote for orders of any size


• Free online training and certification

• We offer free samples - try our product risk-free

• Founded by former law enforcement to serve city, county and state agencies

About Us

Scott Company Drug testing was founded as a small, family business in 1990 by forensic chemist and retired DEA Agent L.J. Scott, the inventor of the Scott Reagent.

Our tests are extremely easy to use and offer fast, accurate, easy-to-read results, allowing officers to quickly and safely establish probable cause with NO cut fingers. We offer the best heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine residue field tests available. 

We only utilize court-supported reagents backed by over 40 years of upheld cases, packaged for easy use. You can view the reagents we use, and which drugs to which we apply them to, in the product description for each respective test. We also offer free training to any officer that wants it.  

We were founded by law enforcement officers who understand what cops need in the field, as well as the legal liabilities involved. We treasure feedback from our clients, especially the front-line user. 

All our tests are manufactured in-house to provide you with the lowest possible prices.